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Machine Make : FONG'S / KRSNA HTHP Soft flow m/c
Vessel capacity : 1000 Kgs, 750 Kgs, 350 Kgs, 100 Kgs, 50 Kgs, 50 Kgs

At Nectar Crafts we have the most modern dyeing machines of various types and capacities to meet our customer requirements. Dyeing is the key operation in our supply chain, various specialisation, and customisation has been done to our dyeing machines to colour varied ranges of Cotton and Polyester fabrics. All the dyes and chemicals used in our dye house are compliant to oeko-tex, and GOTS for organic products. A well equipped Lab, along with padder, and hydro extractor, wet slit opener cum padder, and relax dryer for a complete range of wet processing of both open width, and tubular fabrics.

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