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About Our Company


Established in the year 2005, Nectar Crafts is one of the Leading Manufacturers of Various Knitted Fabrics. Specialising in Velour, Terry, Polar Fleece and all other Knitted Fabrics with special finishes. Nectar Crafts is Vertically Integrated Unit with facilities from Knitting to Dyeing till Finishing.

Our all under roof concept, with experienced and motivated professionals, combined with energetic and enthusiastic work force enables us to monitor, control, and maintain quality aspects at various stages of process, helping us to offer the best quality fabrics to our customers in the quickest time with economical and competitive offer.

Nectar Crafts is an ethical, and environment responsible company, We follow safe practices and adhere to all the guidelines to provide and a safe and healthy work environment. We are GOTS certified for Organic products, and Oeko-Tex certified. ZLD (Zero Liquid Discharge) concept is in place which helps us to recycle, and reuse the resources . We continuously work on the development, and update periodically to ensure we have a minimal impact on Our Environment.

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